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12 years of uninterrupted online presence!

On the 16th of January 2014 will be completing 12 years of uninterrupted online presence. During these twelve years millions of visitors from Cyprus and the world over have enjoyed the services of our Cyprus Guide which has, through the years developed to a high quality Guide and Portal on Everything Cyprus. To mark this important anniversary we are currently going through a complete overhaul of the site, both in design and operation as well as in content. Much of the new looks and features are already operational with many more to come during the current year. To mention a few of the current enhancements: our Cyprus Guide and our Directory of Sites Relating to Cyprus sections, our new interactive Photogalleries and our Cyprus Search Engine. Latest addition our Cyprus Golf Online Shop with everything for the golfer in Cyprus. Stay tuned for many more interactive features and services in the following months.

Cyprus News

July 2013: Great Expectations from President Anastasiades

Cyprus facing its destiny

With its banking system striving to get back on its feet, after the bail in imposed by Eurogroup and the forceful merging of tits two largest banks, Cyprus' s economy is facing an uncertain future. Halting and even reversing the escalating rate of unemployment is currently the greatest challenge, but at the moment it appears an impossible task. There are high hopes that by the end of this decade, the recently discovered natural gas reserves and more expected from next year's offshore drills will bail Cyprus out of its economic burdens. The question however is how this dramatic situation can be handled until then. An island with less than a million inhabitants, Cyprus has an economy of a size that can react quickly to just a few major investments. Investments that while in a bigger economy could almost go unnoticed, would make the big difference for the Cypriots and help break the deadlock. It is up to President Anastasiades, his government and team of experts to make this happen sooner than later. With the expected resumption next October or November of the talks between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders for reaching a solution to the Cyprus problem, the Cypriot President needs the backing of a healing economy in order to resist pressures for a solution less than what could be considered fair by Greek Cypriots.

On the other hand, an agreement to a solution for the Cyprus problem would greatly benefit both sides on the island. A solution will give a boost to many sectors of the economy. Even only the reconstruction of Famagusta (the "Ghost City") could be enough to give employment to tens of thousands of Cypriots for several years. The two sides will have to be flexible enough, and wise enough to see the benefits of sorting out their differences, provided Turkey will not raise obstacles and realize its own benefits from an agreed solution, especially with regards to its aspirations for joining the EU as a full member.

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